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Ambalama Spices


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Crocheted Chilli figures with appealing faces and wild hats. Made over the winter whilst watching television, their numbers are therefore limited by how much rubbish there is in the box. We normally sell out by July each year. 

Barbecue Seasonings

Tried and tested BBQ seasonings, with the exception of the new Coffee BBQ rub which is a 'Marmite' product.


Just Jottings

Ground Spices

The full range of Ground Spices, and because of our rapid use and sale, they're as fresh as we can possibly make them.

Recipe Packs

Our original products, each pack contains the spices needed to make the named dish, and the recipe is on the back of the pack.

Seasonings and Rubs

Seasonings, Rubs and Marinades specific to a style of dish.