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Good old Michael Moseley opening up the perennial can of Turmeric worms again.

For a measured and sensible view of the possible benefits of the yellow stuff, go to the
Cancer Research UK website.

Please ignore all the daft and expensive claims that the scamsters would have you believe.

Curcumin alone is NOT beneficial. Curcumin reacted (cooked) with other food and spice
lipids to produce other compound(s) IS demonstrably beneficial.

Understand that I'm a simple old cook, and there may be some fault with my logic,
but not with the next paragraph.

Give me a handful of ingredients which includes turmeric, chilli and ginger, and I will
cook for you any number of dishes which Taste different, simply by manipulating
the proportions of the things I add, in which order, and the cooking time. 
Established fact - it's what all cooks rely on.

Possibly dodgy bit:
If the flavour is different, it follows that the lipid(s) which give that flavour is/are

So what I would dearly like to do is work with an open-minded food chemist who can
identify and name the lipids I can produce with my cooking - then we could possibly
identify by experiment which ones are beneficial, in what ways, and put to bed
all the nonsense that appears every time the word turmeric is raised.

If you take into account all the claims made for all the spices and herbs, and what
experienced cooks can do wit them, it becomes a massive task.
(Being dealt with in some detail elsewhere on this site) 

So if someone will relieve me of fifty years or so, I'll get stuck in.

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